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6 reasons why you’re not losing bodyfat.

I’ve shared 5 reasons why you aren’t losing excess body fat. Watch it here, now. 

And then question yourself: 

  • Do you know how many calories you really consume and how many do you need?
  • Sometimes a little snack here and there can really ruin it. 
  • Are you consuming unwanted sugars? Sneaking in from juices, waters and other drinks?  Our brain doesn’t distinguish between excess calories from drinks and wants more food, so it’s good to be mindful. It is also applicable to vitamin waters and energy drinks. 
  • Are you well rested and sleeping good? Well food and sleep are interconnected. When you eat well you sleep well and when you sleep well, you metabolize your food better.
  • Are you eating whole foods or processed and packaged food?
  • Are you consuming alcohol every other day? This is a big factor. 

While you reflect on these, don’t forget to hear me out as I share some simple but amazing insights with you.

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