Email me to request to a 1 hour health and wellness assessment with me. This session helps understand areas of concerns, where your health stands at the moment, what attention you may need and by the end of the session you also get a nutrition checklist. (USD 85)

Alternatively, if you know what plan you might want to get on, book a 20 minute initial consult with me.

Here are some of the plans that I offer:

Weekly Plans

If you’re the kind who is driven to get results and will follow the plan to the T, without anyone checking-in with you daily then the weekly plan is for you.

If you know that you just need the right guidance to get healthy and fit and don’t need to continuously check-in, this should be great. You’d be checking in with me only once a week.

Once you and I have consulted with each other, online (yes, it is that simple, no fuss) or on-call, or in-person, you will receive:

  • Grocery list for the week
  • Customized meal plan for the week based on your body type, blood group, fitness, weight or health level, and any other preference or even condition (4 weekly plans during the month in total)
  • Once a week tracking and coaching call
  • Targeted weight loss of 7-10kg (if that is what you’re looking for) and/or inch-loss for the entire duration or a check as per your body’s requirement.

*The weekly plan runs for one month at least, where 4 plans are provided during the month, extendable per month basis, to reach your goal. Completely natural, no pills and no supplements needed.

Currently, discounted from USD520 to USD460. * 10% GST will be levied

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Daily Plans

If you lose motivation easily, or have tried multiple diets in the past and it hasn’t worked then ’ll personally hold you accountable, daily. It’s personalized in the right way, to “get” you “daily” results. Daily tracking and plans motivate you to reach your target faster. The daily plan is for those of who get bored easily, don’t want to stress out on what to make when and how. Helpful for those who have a larger goal to achieve as well.

This plan will be great for those who often think, they may fail (so many of us have been there, right?). Or think that they may not be able to follow through or sustain any weight loss (or any other health condition). The results will happen.

Once you and I have consulted with each other, online (yes, it is that simple, no fuss) or on-call or in-person, you will receive:

  • Customized grocery list for the week
  • Customized meal plan, changed every day or 2-3 days based on body type, blood group, fitness, weight loss, health condition, and other preferences
  • Daily tracking and check as per your body’s requirement

*The daily plan runs for a month at least, extendable per month basis, to reach your goal. Completely natural, no pills and no supplements needed.

Currently, discounted from USD867 to USD740. 10% GST will be levied

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Health Coaching

If you really just need a nudge in the right direction and not a customized nutritional plan for yourself then the coaching sessions are for you. If you know you can make your transformation happen by yourself, or want to understand healthy eating habits for yourself and your family, then go for this 4-session coaching program (minimum of 4, 1.5-hour session spanned over two months, delivered online or face-to-face, if within Adelaide, Dubai or Mumbai, timings would differ).

I’ve done all the research and got the step by step process down for you to know WHAT EXACTLY YOU NEED to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Take charge of your health and lifestyle at your own pace and the way you want it with a personalized guide to overcoming mindset barriers, emotional patterns, and nutritional eating habits.

Each session will be for one and half hour . You will receive personalized guidance in your holistic health and nutrition journey. You will also understand recurring patterns in your health journey and how it shapes your health and overall wellness. Next steps, to ensure you are on track and eat right for your body.

Currently, discounted from USD460 to USD360. 10% GST will be levied

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Next Steps…


Decided on your plan of action? Awesome!

Take the step towards your holistic health and nutritional wellness. The first step is to consult with me. Let’s get you in to begin a lifestyle you’ll love.

I want to bok an appoitnment.


I am here to help you with your health and nutrition journey.

I know how hard it was for me to change my mind, body and even soul. The transformation was in phases but it CAN HAPPEN. I’ve changed my life through food and doable physical exercises. I know I can help you too. I’ve felt the pain in the past, even though I was a confident woman, I still felt uneasy being heavy. Let’s take a small step together and transform YOU for a healthier and fitter you.

~ Priyanka Chopra, nutritionist and your health and nutrition coach


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