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Body Image? Are we really perceiving ourselves differently?


So let’s talk about body image. Who here wants a perfect body, raise your hand??

Now, who has compared his/herself to someone on Instagram and said, Oooh! I want that body. Or why haven’t I gotten that body yet? Or thought, why am I not looking like that person? Or questioned: why is my body not perfect? What IS a perfect body or who according to you really has it?‍♀?

Each one of us are unique, our DNA, composition and form, yet the negative self-talk.This is one topic I don’t speak on in most of my workshops/talks. Why? You may ask. Because, there isn’t any one size fits all approach or solution to body image issues. EVERYONE at some point or another has felt it. Whether it’s a supermodel, a fitness model, “prettiest human being alive,” a normal human being like you and I or even someone who might be confident in his/her own skin. I’ve coached many women ?‍♀️and some men?, and I’ve never come across anyone who did not think there was something wrong with his/her body. NEVER! If there was a common denominator to this thinking, it was: “I’m not good enough, right now”. This leads to negative self-talk and a mindset of negative body image.
Just like success, perfect body means different things to different people. But you need to define it!
➡️1, Stop comparing: have goals and ambitions and someone to look up to, who inspires, BUT remain rooted in the fact that you are unique and beautiful as you are.
➡️2, Embrace your true self: with your scars, with your flaws, and with THE DRIVE AND AMBITION TO BE BETTER THAN WHAT YOU WERE, YESTERDAY. I’ve been there, I have stretch marks and little loose skin from my health journey, but I am now so proud of it & my journey. It inspires me. I’ve embraced it & I am striving harder to be better & I progress daily.
➡️3, Set your goals & BELIEVE in yourself. Your perceptions and beliefs will take you anywhere. Take the first steps?. Define your goals within your conditions & make them work for YOU. Progress is key! I’m here to help if you need. Really listening to our body cause it tells us how we feel. We can always aim to better our health with the choices we make?.


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