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Can food alone give you all the micronutrients: vitamins and minerals?

There’s a lot of doubt regarding weight loss, children’s nutrition, digestive concerns and how to understand whether our body is absorbing nutrients. I’d like to share a word or two around micronutrients and they help digestion, endocrinology, optimal functioning of our limbs, and more.


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If you’ve ever wondered any of these you have to check out what I have to say:

  • Do I need to consume multivitamins tablets or specific vitamins with changing weather?
  • Do I need extra supplements for lack of sleep?
  • Do I need to add extra minerals to my diet?
  • Am I getting enough vitamins and minerals from my “diet” alone?
  • What changes would I need to make to my food to get the micronutrients effectively?
  • Are you a mum, worried if your child is getting enough?

Before you start consuming anything that’s available off the shelves in a supermarket, get a thorough examination of your body. 


Speak to a GP to conduct a comprehensive vitamin and mineral panel test. In case in the recent past you’ve been experiencing any digestive unease, inability to sustain body weight optimally, changes in stools, frequent acidity, joint pains, skin & hair conditions. I’ve answered all this and more in my post today. Hop on and watch it out till the end, I promise you’d gather some awesome insights. 


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