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Let’s break the obsession with bodyweight! There’s more to it.

Things change around the world sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. While all these changes occur externally, we are constantly changing internally. Sometimes our external changes have an impact on the body in the way we want to make it happy. Food has always been a source of pleasure FOR ALL COMMUNITIES and races, for eons.

It has left a huge mark on us. While we love feasting today, we don’t really have the same lifestyle as we used to when we were in another era. With every passing generation our body’s need for energy (i.e. food) and activity is changing. We are no longer going to be the most active generation as we move forward. We may have 2 to 3 hours of activity per day but that’s still not enough to regulate the amount of food we end up consuming. 

Yeah, for sure, we always have some body types who we think do not put on weight and that’s such a good sign, right? Wrong. Those body types are often prone to many lifestyle diseases coming their way just as much as anyone else who may be overconsuming or eating unhealthy. 

I’ve talked about 5 reasons why you might be getting overwhelmed by your weight… Watch it on IG. 

We do have a love-hate relationship with body weight. And why not. We are born with this being our first metric to categorically be “healthy.” As it could be the most simplified way to let a parent know that the child has all his/her vitals functioning and working. 

Over the years we start obsessing about it, either because we see it in the media, families say it out loud to “lose weight” or something else. 



There goes a vicious cycle. We obsess about weight gain, rather than focusing on ONE KEY THING: food. What nutrients are we putting inside our body to heal and stay healthy? This is the biggest reason why we gain weight, we develop an unhealthy relationship with food, because we feel we should be able to get away with eating anything and everything. When in reality that’s just not right for the body. 

Hear me out today to know the 5 reasons why you might be getting overwhelmed by your weight.

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