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What is cholesterol and how does your “DIET” impact your body cholesterol?

I have a lot of clients who come with two major concerns, high blood sugar levels and cholesterol. And it is the easiest thing to reverse with SIMPLE AND MINDFUL CHANGES to our food intake. We rely so heavily on medications today rather than going into the cause of our problem and treating the cause and not just the symptom.

We all have cholesterol in our body. produced largely in our liver and circulated in our blood stream. 

Fatty liver (which was earlier associated with people who drank too much alcohol, who also had a high lipid profile or blood cholesterol) is also due to the same process. Excess consumption of high fatty and high sugar foods. Fatty liver earlier used to be associated with those who consumed high amounts of alcohol. So today in relation to body fat and body cholesterol, it is called non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Earlier, high body fat was only and only attributed to storage of subcutaneous fat in the body (being overweight or obese), which is the soft and jiggly fat at the top of our skin. But it is not always that obese and overweight folks may be at risk, even a person with the right weight.

The way these two fats are stored in our body is due to similar reasons: 

??Attributed to overeating calories which is not as per your body’s metabolic rate.

??Or eating non-nutritious food. 

??Or Eating more high fatty foods rather than focusing on fibre and protein sources.

Today changes in blood sugar, blood pressure and even changes in blood cholesterol and fatty liver are called lifestyle diseases.

Often brimming from the food choices we make in our food, we often blame our environment, the stress we take and how we lose control of mind over matter. YES, those things do play a role but the food you induce in your body can even reverse or change the stress releasing hormone cortisol and inducing a balance in the body.

You know, I get extremely concerned when my friends and clients reach out to me saying that they have high blood sugar or high cholesterol.

It is so alarming that people are more and more going through these conditions today. And these conditions are being tagged as “lifestyle diseases.” Quite rightly, so. We are no longer living in scarcity, everything is readily available to us. So we tend to over-consume.

People who think they are “lean” and “thin” think that it is their prerogative to eat anything and everything. But the sad reality is, someone who tends to put on weight (subcutaneous fat, under the skin) easily might be at a lower risk for heart attack or bodily ailments than someone who is lean BUT with high internal organ fat or high cholesterol in the body. 

I’ve spoken soo much about cholesterol and fatty liver on my IGTV. Please hop on over to my profile and watch it. 

Also, remember  if you have a liver, then you produce Cholesterol. It is as simple as that. But not all cholesterol is made the same way.

A little amount of cholesterol is necessary to produce vitamin D, hormones, and bile acids, which help protect the organs, keeps our brain fog in check and also keeps us energetic during the day. It’s also for your skin and all the tiny little cells our body is made of. 

But when you increase your Saturated Fat content in the body, it can totally undo all the awesome stuff I’ve written above. You will feel lethargic and tired and not be able to digest food as well. Always wanting to sleep too to be at risk of other diseases. 

Here’s a big myth that I want to bust. 

Cholesterol isn’t really high only for those who consume animal based foods. It is even common for vegetarians or lacto-ovo vegetarians. 

Excess amounts (the definition of “excess” differs from body to body) of things like egg yolks, dairy products, and the popular coconut (milk, cream, oil as well) among many other foods are big reasons for high cholesterol. 

High fatty foods can lead to cysts as well, so just be mindful about your consumption. And don’t forget to share this with someone who might need it. Next week, I’ll be sharing some awesome ways to combat high cholesterol/ lipids in the body. So watch out for that. 

Hope this helps.

More awesome stuff is coming up. 

Take care of you.

AND JUST FOR LAUGHS… here’s something fun 

Don’t let that LDL go up… let the HDL do its job!

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