Success Stories

I love what some of my clients have to say:

I’m thrilled to be on this journey with so many. I’ve helped my clients (my tribe CW tribe as I call them), to get rid of not only excess weight but also completely get rid of thyroid conditions, cholesterol, PCOS, pre-diabetic conditions, diabetic conditions, gut issues, and of course, reduce weight, get rid of obesity, through sustainable and culturally friendly food. Whether you’re someone who just wants to reduce the body fat or visceral fat, or someone who needs to leave lifestyle diseases behind for good… do reach out.

Everyone has unique experiences to share in their health and fitness journey. Probably you can be the next one to boot? 🙂 I’d love to help you too, no matter what your goal is.

P.S. Most of these reviews were sent on my social platforms, you may want to check facebook and Instagram.

Deepti was amazing with the plans I gave her. I could tell that she had been frustrated by all the yo-yo diets she had been in the past. So many people told her that if she has Thyroid, then “diets” will not work for her. Not only did she lose weight in my plans but she also ensured to sustain food habits. She ate what she loved, with slight customizations to heal her body. Results aren’t short of amazing.
I love the reaction I receive from so many of my lovely folks. I loved Hala’s reaction too. She couldn’t believe it and I kept telling her that she WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT. She did so well and has come down 10 kg in two months. I know it wasn’t easy for her at the beginning which is why the daily plan helped her tremendously to understand her body. She didn’t want to miss out on Arabic food and got what she loved, yet in a way, her body could handle.
Janvi was amazing. I loved her. Initially, she and I felt like we’d break up. Haha. However, I knew she needed the right kind of coaching. She had been resisting everything in her journey of losing the weight. Nevertheless, she proved it to me and to her annoying voice in the head that she is a winner. She followed through and results aren’t short of amazing.
Who doesn’t have cravings? Well, I think this champ of mine won over all of them and is leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle now. Although I wish she’d get involved with some form of workout too. She lost the weight with little or I’d say almost no workout. I loved her dedication.
When Roohi approached me, she feared food. She felt anything she’d eat would make her fat. And that’s just not the way to live life. That’s not the relationship we need to have with our meals. Our meals can heal us and help us function better, so why not leverage that? She lost about 7.5 kgs with me in a month and loved eating all the different kinds of yummy food. It’s been amazing coaching such wonderful souls.


Nusha is of European origins and had very different diet growing up. I loved working with her and customizing options for her. Results are nothing short of amazing.
Manya had been so dedicated, throughout this journey. It wasn’t easy considering she has a traveling job and she also had medical conditions that she wanted to overcome. Weightloss is just one part, she started eating right for her. She not only lost the weight but also able to overcome ailments.