Lentil pasta that’s good for you!

Sometimes it is OK to indulge, however, let the indulgence be healthy too.

This is a two ingredient yellow lentil pasta that I picked up from the market. It makes a good alternative for durum wheat pasta or whole wheat or even plain flour based.

I made pink sauce at home with cashew butter and tomatoes with oregano and parsley.

I added mushrooms, chilis and peppers. Love adding veggies to my meals. Why? Cause they are good for me.

  • Boil the lentil pasta until partially soft (that’s key) then strain the water.
  • In a pan add the veggies and sauteed in olive oil with little salt to taste.
  • For the pink sauce, I’ve used cashew butter or paste (I’ve used a homemade cashew paste) along with blended tomatoes.
  • Blend the two together with little oregano and cook in low flame for 15 minutes.
  • Plate it up with pasta first, then the veggies and then the sauce on top.

It’s good to eat. Enjoy!