Healthy Recipes

The best lettuce wraps ever!

These were so good that I had them for lunch and dinner. I remember when I had come to Dubai the first time, my husband had an office potluck and barbeque. I offered to make lettuce wraps. It was my first time making them and they became the talk of the town. I love making such simple, tasty and healthy recipes. It’s made with basic, finely chopped veggies such as peppers, mushrooms, carrots. I usually add cabbage and onions too but this one doesn’t have it.



  • Sauteéd the veggies in sesame oil for the lovely eastern flavour. Or else olive oil is good too. Tamari usually adds to the flavour and is gluten free!
  • Slice the lettuce into half such that you get these beautiful rounded leaves.
  • Place the luke warm veggie on the lettuce leaves and enjoy.

This is a lighter version.

Try it.