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Sustainable Foods and Substitutes to Use During Covid_19

While there are so many of us who are feeling great about being indoors, taking care of our health and well-being, there are some struggling with the situation.

Kusum, is an ardent follower of mine (grateful for that) and she reached out to me via email, asking: how can she eat healthy during this time, when some food items may not be easily available?

I was glad Kusum asked me that and I knew I had to respond, not only to her but to help everyone or anyone who might be feeling scarce with resources.

I hope you watched the IGTV on it as well.

While so many of us are absolutely privileged today to have access to various kind of nutrient dense vegetables, fruits, lentils legumes and grains, there are some who may not have an easy access to these.

Here are things to do and foods to eat, when options may be limited to us.

  • Keep Dry Fruits Handy: Dried fruits have higher sugar content that fresh fruits, which is why they are more energy dense than fresh fruits. In case you have a sensitive liver or pancreas then avoid the use of these items. They have similar micro-nutrient content as fruits and can aid in immunity as well. Soaking them in water enhances the digestive properties.
  • Ensure There are Nuts & Seeds: Nuts and seeds much as dried fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals and in greater quantities. So don’t have to go hogging on them. 5-6 are good enough for the body and to aid immunity within the body.
  • Make the Most of Lentils & Legumes: Lentils and Legumes are perfect combination of protein, fibre and sugar, which keeps you satiated and balances the energies in the body. Make sprouts out of your lentils and legumes as they provide more phytochemicals and become easier to digest in the body. That way, you also get a lot more options to cook and eat.
  • Choose Grains Carefully: Yes, not all grains are equal and not all of them suit every individual body. However, don’t go running after items, which may not be easily accessible in your vicinity. For instance, rice may not be ideal for someone who may have sugar sensitivities, however, if someone is trying to lose weight and has no insulin or glucose conditions, can easily have rice.
  • Only When Necessary, Use Frozen Vegetables and Meat: You can store your own vegetables in the freezer, all you need to do is blanche it and store tight. Although frozen non-vegetarian items are often consumed (things like sausages, salami etc. should be avoided)
  • Watch For Portions: Portion control is everything. Even at this stage, more so. It helps you stay energetic, allows you to be mindful of the food you’re putting inside your body.
  • Avoid Wastage of Food: It sounds simple but so many of us end up wasting food than consuming it. Excess inappropriate storage of items can lead to perishables getting rotten, call for simple items and cook in smaller portions them as you go.
  • Say No to Canned & Tinned Goods: It’s the most convenient item to pick up, right? It actually serves you nothing. It is almost like consuming empty calories with addition of high sugar and sodium content in it. Even now, you can easily avoid canned items by choosing the above options.
  • Run Away from Prepacked or Pre-cooked Ready-to-Eat Meals: This is the most tempting offer for sooo many of us. Not only are these items calorie dense, they are also filled with preservatives and high minerals which lead to toxic load in the body (in the future, can cause a lot of diseases.)

Choose well. There are a lot of amazing options to choose from to remain your best healthiest version, even right now.

SimplifyFood To SimplifyHealth.

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Take care Ninja! And let me know what you think or might be struggling with.