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Do you need to eat clean?

I have a problem with the word “clean eating” because it tells me that there is perhaps a “dirty eating way” to fuel the body. It makes me wonder who’s want to do that? None of us want to invite any kind of disease or illness into our lives, we rather want to be well in the moment.

So, I have a question for you: do you think the term “dieting” is only meant for someone who is fat? Or perhaps feel, you can get away with anything and everything without it actually impacting your body?

If the answer to these questions is yes, I urge you to think again. This video is for you watch.

Quite sadly, with most people, being healthy is all about looking thin, even if anything it vitally wrong inside the body. If your scales or measurement indicate otherwise, you should be concerned about what you put inside your body as each nutrient has the capacity to heal and every toxic ingredient can damage you.

While it is important to feel good and confident about your body it is important to understand how certain foods impact you as an individual. Clean eating is FOR ALL OF US. However, the type of nutrition each one of us needs is unique.
If your body is showing any of these signs. It is time to change your food:
What are you willing to tolerate for your body? Now, or in the prospective future.
  1. Getting tired easily: Whether it is after 6-8 hours of work or extended work hours, your body can replenish when the nutrients are right. When nutrients aren’t provided to the body, this is the first response.
  2. Feeling sluggish or heavy: Often this could happen after a heavy meal or even if a high caloric food is consume (even though it may be small in portion). High amount of sugar can also cause this.
  3. Getting dramatic changes in moods over hours or days: Ladies, please stop blaming everything on PMS, your PMS symptoms are here to tell you what your body is asking for, often low mineral contents in the body can cause fluctuations in hormones which is linked to this.
  4. Having irritable bowel or getting frequently constipated: This isn’t normal, in case your body feels bloated, uneasy after meals, your bowels aren’t alright, you need to watch for food, particularly if enough fibre is being consumed.
  5. Feeling sneezy-coughy every morning: This tells the biggest story in the body. Read more in my post on mucous production.
  6. Falling sick easily with slight changes in weather: isn’t normal as well, it says your immunity is low, which means your body hasn’t been getting the nutrition that it needs to thrive.
  7. Having a lot tolerance for even good stress: You may think, what’s food got to do with this? Food allows your cortisol to be controlled and your serotonin to be released when you eat the right kind of nutrients.
If you are feeling any of these things my friend. I need you to ask yourselves: what exactly am I tolerating inside my body? What am I accepting as nutrients and what am I saying No to that serve the body? Even in life, we need make decisions daily, to see what kind of thoughts, people, items, food are we accepting and what are we rejecting? You’d have read more on my email to you.
Eating well is right for ALL OF US and we need to understand what nourishes us.
Tell me your thoughts about eating right and clean for your body. What do you think you’re currently doing right and what can you change? 
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