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Do you really know enough about vitamin B12?

Today, I want to draw your attention to the little things. Rather this week, a little tiny mcg of B12 that one needs every day. It is so easy to miss out on whether we’re getting optimal nutrition and there is a lot of worry about, I get it. 


I got a couple of questions from my clients regarding optimal consumption of vitamin B12. I’ve got you converged here. Today’s post is all about B12. Hop on over, to know if you are getting optimal levels of vitamin B12 and what medications perhaps are altering the way our body absorbs B12


When your gastrointestinal isn’t strong, the vitamin B12, which you ingest through your diet, doesn’t enter the stomach or fails to release acids from the stomach that helps bind protein in the body as well. B12 is needed for day to day metabolic processes and even aids in the release of energy from the body. Certain signals can indicate that your body isn’t processing B12 and you should get it checked: constant fatigue and exhaustion; frequent headaches and difficulty concentrating; chronic bloating and gassiness, in some cases depression and reduced neural response. 


While we know most of animal based sources of proteins have vitamin B12, there are trace quantities available in:

– Mushrooms

– Almonds 

– Seaweed, sea kelp

– Fortified foods


To wrap this up, I cannot emphasize hard enough on the fact that having balanced holistic meals actually help the absorption of B12. So no compromise on that. And don’t forget to hop on over to read simple medications that might be ruining the way your body absorbs B12.

I often get asked about vitamin B12 consumption. Often lack of consumption of B12, or malabsorption of it can cause changes in one’s hormones or endocrinology, it can even lead to digestive concerns and in some cases it is even known of hepatic concerns, which is related to liver and pancreas.


?B12 is known as one of the most important vitamins which helps with blood cells, better brain health and neural transmission, nerve protection, cell division and respiration. B12 also helps women for effective folic acid storage.?


For B12 to work effectively, our gastro-intestinal lining should work optimally, things like gastritis, damage to mucus membrane, which leads to crohn’s disease and inflammation in the pancreas, can lead to malabsorption of b12.


Medications that interfere with vitamin B12 are:


  • Off the shelf heartburn medications – some of them are even notoriously known for being carcinogenic.
  • Metformin – which is casually being given even for women who have PCOS and slight insulin resistance.
  • Colchine or Corticosteroids – taken for gout based conditions.
  • Medications for hypertension – puts many older generations at risk for digestive concerns and B12 deficiency.
  • Medications used to skin conditions – clindamycin, neomycin, steroids and antihistamines, degenerate the gut lining for malabsorption of vitamins in general and especially B12.
  • Birth control pills damage the gut microbiome which also impacts digestion and how the body stores and absorbs vitamins and minerals, especially B12.



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