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Managing overeating caused by anxiety.

There is such a strong correlation between nutrition, fitness, mental and emotional health. Often there can be situations where one might feel anxious and the easiest way to “cope” with the situation seems like food. The one area where we then feel we are in control of and that will give us pleasure. And then, soon, we’re stuck in a vicious cycle of binge eating or say anxiety induced eating. I’ve shared some insights on this on my post. so hop on over and check it out. 


  • What specific emotions are you seeking that is making you eat? 
  • Is it just boredom? 
  • Do you want pleasure? 
  • Do you seek excitement? 
  • Are you feeling unfulfilled? 

NOTE THE CRAVINGS: Often, lack of emotional mastery (I’ve talked about it in my post today). can often alter hormones and induce cortisol and ghrelin in the body, both of which can lead to either high fat, high sugar or high salt cravings, which make one believe to eat more, even if full. Identify the cravings to better manage food intake. Here’s something to consider

  • When a craving strikes, drink water first and move around to engage in a task. 
  • Eat healthy and consistently throughout the day, and avoid high refined sugars to manage cravings better..

When you experience anxiety, especially to binge or overeat, sit back and take a couple of deep breaths. This can help to clear your mind, reduce your feelings of anxiousness, and it does help you make better decisions when it comes to what you eat. It is common to feel unpleasantness in our daily life however, when it starts translating into your health, that’s when you seek help. Don’t forget to check the post.

Anxious eating or anxiety induced eating happens to almost each one of us at different stages of life.

More often anxious eating happens when we are constantly juggling between our past with the same repeated thoughts or thinking about the future. Rarely being in the present moment.

Certain traits make us more susceptible to anxiety-based eating: too much negative self-talk, low self-esteem, seeking perfection, seeking novelty and easily getting bored, negative body image, and signs of depression. It’s not a combination of all of them, even one can hit the ball running for anxious eating.

More often people binge on food, whether they do it compulsively hour after hour or some even minute on the minute and literally cannot stop thinking about food. Whereas for some they would starve for hours or days and then binge with food.

**Either way it impacts the system.**

More often Type 1 diabetes and hypertension are consequences of anxiety induced eating conditions (not always of course, otherwise it is poor lifestyle choices).

Here are some items for your reflection and introspection:

  • How often do you think about food during the day?
  • Do you lack concentration and attention timespan?
  • Do you only seek pleasure out of food?
  • Do you want to eat everything that’s in front of you and then feel guilty about it?
  • What are your triggers to indulge in food?

IF you identify with any of these, you must take action:

  • Seek Nutritional Counselling.
  • Speak out about your feelings more often with those around you, in case you don’t have anyone to talk to (which can happen, speak to a professional)
  • Take small steps daily to make lifestyle changes, which include your thoughts, your food, your ability to manage your physical emotional and mental wellbeing.

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