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Do you really need sunshine for vit D?

Let’s talk about Vitamin D today, and the scare we have regarding our skin degeneration, bone health, skin cancers and impact of UV rays on your body. Hear me out on my IGTV as I speak about it today. 

If you’re wondering if there is anything that impacts Vitamin D synthesis in the body, then I have something for you. Here are the situations that can be disadvantageous to vitamin D synthesis.

  • Being in an area with high pollution
  • Using sunscreen protection which doesn’t allow UVB absorption
  • Spending more time indoors or in cold moldy places
  • Living in big cities where buildings block sunlight
  • Using excessive make up on the body and the face that block UVB

Initially, the symptoms of lack of vitamin D could relate to any other symptom for a variety of conditions. These include; constant fatigue, muscle pains, joint pains, generally feeling moody or not feeling well. Weakness in climbing a flight of steps or reduced levels of fitness, knee injuries, higher tendency to get fractures.

If you’re diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, your doctor will likely recommend you take daily vitamin D supplements. If you have a severe deficiency, they may instead recommend high-dose vitamin D tablets or liquids. But nothing replaces the vitamin D synthesis that you get from the sun. Above all, you need your daily dose of sunshine! It is needed for your happiness too. It is also clinically proven to reduce depression rates as well if you grab even a tiny bit daily.

I am busting some myths on vitamin D, skin conditions and when you need to grab sunshine. Also what time of the day is best. All in my IGTV today. Hop on over and watch it and leave your Qs or thoughts in the comments below.

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