Healthy Recipes

Keeping in line with CANCER PREVENTION FOODS!

High Fibre Food! It is crucial to consume high fibre (i.e. essentially slow metabolizing carbs) each day. When you add and consume 50% of fibre on your plate you lower your risk of ailments almost by 75% (I’d take that any day). I made this cauliflower pancake (tikki) on a bed of Delhi Style Punjabi Mattar (Swipe right) and on bed of salad. I ate it as a meal, both ways. It was yum and literally a 10 minute job. C’mon we all have 10 minutes to spare (it’s for your own good). Most cancer patients I’ve worked with (post discovery) have told me, they were too busy to cook, too busy to care to eat right & think work (home or office) is their only priority (among many other factors).

It’s important to work on these situations; remember:

  • Your self care begins with YOUR FOOD (first and foremost), your thoughts, intentions (check, if you’re complaining often, not finding solutions, feel guilty or want to sabotage) and your actions (are they aligned with what you truly want).
  • Eating right for your body is not time consuming (what’s your priority?. Almost all the cancer patients I’ve dealt with told me they don’t have time to cook cause they are busy working. Guess what, we all are! It’s not a “busy-ness competition. Some of the highest productive folks in the world, yes who make a lot of money as well, eat right.)
  • Eating right is tasty. (It truly is. You just have to be mindful about what you put in your food).
  • You get anxious about your time just by thinking about either the past or the future, never being active in the current moment (where you can eat right, prep your meal).

Why don’t you give this recipe a go?


Savory Cauliflower Pancakes/Tikkis

 1. Simply grate:

1/2 cup of cauliflower


finely chopped green chilies

coriander along with pinch size coriander powder

pinch size chili powder

salt to taste

2. Add 1 tablespoon of oats flour with 1/2 teaspoon of water to roll these up into balls and flatten as cakes.

3. Bake them or pan sear with teaspoon of of olive oil.