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Let’s talk about bread!

Why do people despise bread or hate it so much? 


It is made of refined carbohydrates (or plain flour, wheat flour, whatever we choose to call it). Those really spike up the sugar levels and drop it down like crazy for many of us. Thereby causing more bile and unease in the body. 


I talked all about BREAD in a post for you. If you haven’t already had a look, check it out! 


I give bread to almost all of my clients, unless there is a chronic condition where bread cannot be consumed. It’s not about the calories in and out of our system here . It goes deeper than that. 


White bread or refined carb bread can be lower in calories and might also have some nutrient value added however, it can spike up sugar in the body as it gets absorbed in the system too quickly. Whereas a whole grain bread, such as whole-wheat bread is slightly higher in fibre, which is used up in digestion to metabolize slowly. So, it aids in digestion and doesn’t affect the sugar levels much. 


Oh there are countless studies for this but if you need a reliable source to know if BREAD IS GREAT. Read this.

  1. Whole Grain consumption of bread is known to reduce cardiovascular diseases.
  2. It helps in a sustained satiety. 
  3. It also helps in regulating a good hormone regulation (sugar drivers such as insulin and glucagon are also hormones)