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What Nutrients Do You Need to Aid Water Retention in the Body

I have been getting a lot of Qs and concerns regarding water retention in the body. Often many of my clients come to get rid of these conditions in the body. 

Are you asking, how is food and nutrition linked to water retention? Well, it’s explained to you in this informative post where I’m talking all about it. And it’s a must watch. Water Retention could even be an indication of something chronic inside of you, so do hear me out and share it with family and friends. 

Now why do you have water retention?

Water retention can go really deep into your health and wellbeing. It should be taken seriously if your body is retaining more water under your eyes, around your ankles and legs or even inside the lungs or reproductive organs.

Although there is a huge stigma around “fat people” having water retention but it is a common condition for anyone with nutritional deficiency, despite the weight or size.

I’m talking about what causes this water retention and today on my Ig stories I will be sharing information on diuretics as well.

A good and healthy lifestyle is what all of us need despite our size and weight.Therefore, eat well.

So chew on that for a minute 

In this post though, I wanted to share something extra:)

Some foods actually help remove the excess fluid retained in the body. These include:

  • Water! Yes, that’s the main item that helps release water from the body and reduce any toxic load which is causing the retention in the body. 
  • Lots of dark and light leafy greens and fruits like bananas provide potassium, which helps in eliminating excess fluid retained in the body. Leafies also have magnesium in the body, which is a key micronutrient in eliminating excess fluid, regulating 
  • Herbs like nettle, parsley cilantro help ease the body to release the excess fluids. 
  • Anti-inflammatory foods like garlic and ginger are also known to aid in long-term fluid elimination and regulating optimal biochemistry. 

You don’t need diuretics and crazy pills to get rid of water retention. The remedy for most of our bodily conditions are in our kitchens. Simple changes to our lifestyle makes long-lasting healthier changes.

Make it happen. 🙂 and Don’t forget to see this.

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