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What is a more sustainable diet as per your culture and tradition?

Sustainability isn’t what our mind convinces us is a good practice. Sustainability is

– what is good for our biochemistry, in today’s environment as we live.

– choosing items and ingredients that serve the body.

– allowing the body to eat nutritiously well from a combination of sources for a longer duration of time.

– keeping cultural and traditional nuances of food in check… and eliminating those that no longer serve the internal and external environment.

I am often asked “is your “diet” sustainable?” (by “my diet” people usually mean the diet plans that I offer). And I often respond to them saying:

“Sustainability is fluid.” 

Wondering what the heck that means? 

Well, it means that we are living in an extremely different environment and culture today, than what we used to, traditionally. Culture, location, tradition and heritage plays a huge role in the selection of our food. I’ve talked about what makes our “diet” (regular food, folks) sustainable, in my post for you today. Food choices are plenty, some favourable and some not so much. 

We are able to sustain the food choices today, on the basis of three zones of health:

– Physical environment which includes internal, i.e., our biochemistry and external environment, i.e., where we live.

Activity levels as we cannot eat the same way as our ancestors who had more than 15 to 17 hours of activity being hunters, gatherers or agriculturists or other workers. We no longer have the same lifestyle, which doesn’t allow for the exact same lifestyle too.

Access to local produce which either limits or enhances the way our body can get all the macro and micro-nutrients for the body. 

Remember, our body thrives on diversity and we need to include diverse, natural and multifaceted foods, everyday. As we do this, we not only aid in balancing our internal biochemistry but we also support the planet, with low reliance on our source of energy (food option). The power to take control of our health, our biochemistry and environment is quite literally on our plates . I mean it. I need you to think hard if you’re borrowing from your culture yet thinking hard, if your three zones of health align to the food you’re eating today?

Is the answer yes, or no? Unsure?

I’ve shared some good info to get you started on understanding what sustainability means for your body. We do borrow from tradition but with the realization that we do live differently today, perhaps more sedentary (yasss, 1 hour of workout, no matter how intense, doesn’t do it). Perhaps with different access to food choices today, definitely more variety with diversity in food and cultures (let’s leverage that). 

Watch all about it. And leave me a comment there.

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