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My clients have lost 2000 kilos from 2018-2020. Huge Success!

For some of us 2020 was hard. But on the bright side (since there is always a bright side) so many of my CWTribe lost weight, felt great and achieved health goals. Literally, most of them chose to flip COVID19 upside down by embracing better health. 

I’m going to be brief because you should read my post. I’ve helped my clients to collectively  lose 2000+ kgs until now. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL for me. I am so proud of each one of them. 


Reducing body weight can mean different things to different people and I’ve talked about that on my post

Each person on this journey took that first step to make the change happen. Choose to eat right for oneself and that’s it! You’d have to read these inspiring stories on Instagram or see them on Facebook

I started small with barely 2 clients and I love that I’ve grown to work with more than 25 at a time and still growing. I love each one of them. So unique. I’ve helped 100s of people get back on track with their health through optimal nutrition. It is a big deal as weight loss and fat loss is not done just for aesthetic reasons (we are all amazing as we are). A thin person with high visceral fat (body fat and lipid) is as prone to heart conditions as a fat person who may have it around his/her internal organs.

I’ve truly found how this journey is so unique!




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