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Immune enhancing RECIPE you need.

So many people reached out to me in 2020 realizing the importance of their health and wellbeing. I feel so many of us went astray in terms of food (I would include myself too sometimes). And so many of us consciously chose to eat well for the body. 

A lovely client of mine asked me “how to keep our immunity in check and in case something ticks off in the body, how can one feel better.” I’ve answered this and more on today’s video. 

I’ve talked about:

  • How to differentiate between types of flus?
  • Why is precaution better than cure even when it comes to our immunity – AND how do we keep this in check?
  • Where does NUTRITION play a role in ALL this and WHY can it be important in certain areas?
  • What foods help best in situations where your body needs it the most. 

My video is loaded with prime stuff! Don’t miss out on it and watch it here

I was also asked by my client to share a recipe in case we have caught a virus or hayfever (go to my post today and know more about the two). I thought, why don’t I share it with my CWTribe here? After all, you do get the info first hand. 

Make a tea out of:

1 clove

2 small whole peppers

1 stick of cinnamon

1 small bulb, thumb sized, grated ginger

Tulsi leaves

Boiled in 700 ml of water, till water is reduced to half. Then consume this whole day, lukewarm.

This works like MAGIC. However, you still have to eat well. Don’t feed your body junk and expect it to function optimally.

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