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Cutting back on alcohol.

Today I have a bit more information on what alcohol can do to alter your biochemistry. All this awesome stuff on my post today!

Your body needs love and care and alcohol takes away exactly that. While initially it can make you go ga ga… the same hormone then converts to stress, and puts pressure on your liver (I talked about it a little last week as well). Today, I have focused on three areas that alcohol consumption actually disrupts your daily flow of life

Alcohol alters your biochemistry, the minute it enters.

I know that’s not NEWS though!


So I’m here to give you some pointers on what going crazy with Alcohol each week can do to your body.

Each week or weekend (if I may say so), when you party hard and induce alcohol into your system

  • ??The initial reaction is of happiness and joy fades within an hour and your body is altered into stress mode. There is a hormone called GABA which is responsible for you to feel fearful, excited and happy… which is only initially released but later feeds cortisol (stress hormone to the system), lowers the sexual hormones and even leads to low levels of glutamate, which helps your brain stay alert.
  • ??Comes with no surprise that alcohol, overtime, shrinks your brain each time. It leaves one’s neurotransmitters to underperform (less reflex actions), a leading cause for anxiety and panic attacks in the long term. This is also true for those who consume meds with high alcohol%.
  • ??Alcohol of any kind (meds for kids as well) interference with hormones (especially insulin & glucagon) production in the body (what regulates blood sugar). Some over consumers of alcohol end up seeing high blood sugar. And even high cholesterol and fatty liver, with 50% higher susceptibility to cancer, or fibrosis (scary liver), even cysts and stones in the body, which can be passed on as well (by expectant mothers).
  • ??More alcohol overtime, takes away essential electrolytes from the system, which restores itself only through good nutrition through manyyyy days or years (that’s the “consistent undoing needed”). It puts more pressure on the kidneys to release, leads to dehydration. Drying up of kidneys as well, which then ends up storing more toxins in the body, coming from any food source.
  • ??Whiskey beer and liquor (distilled) are high in energy which increase blood cholesterol, which is why often known to be a reason for heart conditions.


While you’ve got that info covered by moi! I also have some simple yet doable tactics for you to get low on the alcohol intake or even wean off, eventually. 🙂

  1. First, speak out loud about WHAT EXACTLY YOU’RE PLANNING ON DOING. Say it to your friends, family and spouse/partner, “well-wisher” that you’re off alcohol or choosing to avoid it. When you do this you’re allowing your confidence to ooze out. You enjoy yourself in the setting with your pals and fam, without adding pressure to consume something that may not do you well. 
  2. Second, remind yourself that SAYING NO is needed to help relax your nerves (literally, as the impact of alcohol lasts longer immunologically and even on your hormones for more than a couple of days). Your body loses its capacity to have better immunity when more and more alcohol is consumed.
  3. Third, step out to do something more fun than just thinking of bars, you’re better than that!
  4. Fourth, replace your alcohol with amazing homemade natural mocktails and ditch that headache the next day. 
  5. Fifth, consciously say no to drinking alone, or just for feeling “relaxed” after a tough day. There’s lots that you can do to relax than just drink. Don’t drink to overcome some emotions. 
  6. Sixth, don’t call this “habitual” and continue to do so. Find activities that can truly fulfill you and MAKE YOU SMILE and happy.
  7. Seventh, after a drink, sip on lots of water to allow your kidneys and liver to detoxify the damage done. Mind you I said, A drink and not drinks. This also applies to your mocktail. 🙂


Also, the money you will save from this would be phenomenal! 

Don’t forget to hop on to my profile and read about how alcohol consumption affects your kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas and more.




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