Health Tip,  Weight Management

The two important P’s that we all need to be aware of.

MEAL PLANNING AND MEAL PREPARATION, are two keys to healthy eating. Suddenly, our lives are getting busier (or bombarded with too much to do) and we try to make it even more overwhelming for different needs and reasons of our own.

We have this constant narrative in our heads that, “I got no time to eat right” and that “take away is my only solution.” And that’s the biggest lie we can tell ourselves. With a little bit of planning and preparation ahead of time (for all you folksy who like to make meals daily, this applies to you too)… we can reduce the overwhelm, eat nutritiously well, and stop the bingeing that may happen in between periods of starvation.

Meal prep and planning also helps reduce body getting into:

  • acid reflux, 
  • or brain fog, 
  • while maintaining optimal hormones. 

There are so many other benefits. 

BUT have you ever got worried about what to EAT during the day?

My hand is raised.

But what if I told you… you can feel much more organized and energized during the day? At least 60% more productive (I’d take that any day). Lose weight. Feel happier and minimize any junk snacking (pssttt… excess calories that come disguised) with just one simple tool.

Sounds too good to be true? But this is exactly the benefits of planning your meal and prepping it ahead of my time. I’ve mentioned 6 amazing reasons why you should be planning your meals and prepping them on my IGTV today.

I love prepping meals ahead of time because it ensures that I am on track and I am never missing out on eating right.  You know, we all have such limited capacity in our mind to make decisions. So, if we add one more area, which we can easily “fix” ahead of time… it can significantly reduce stress, change our hormones for the better. 

Here are some tips to make your 2 P’s (Planning & Prepping) taken care of:

  • Choose a time and a day (or days), which specifically works for you. 
  • Write down simple foods (local to you or culture friendly to you) which you can prepare for the week. 
  • Choose simple recipes, batched either for two days, or three (if you prefer to simplify cooking even more, and don’t mind having the same meal. IF you are anything like my parents, you’d want “freshly” prepped food, daily.) Then too, ensure you have a “plan” at least a day ahead of time. It takes 5 minutes before your bedtime. 
  • Choose the 2 Vs: versatile and a variety of ingredients for your meals. 
  • Do a constructive shopping list to ensure you get what you need, at least once a week. 
  • Choose a prep day and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Dedicate all your time for that day to meal prep and nothing else (for those hours). 
  • Get portioned meal prep boxes (while you could use any box, but I have had best success when I know I have portioned my meals out.)

Tip for your veggies: Always blanche them as they retain a beautiful colour. They can then be frozen easily and retain nutrient values, and can be cooked quickly as well. 

A bit of pro-tip for organization. Don’t let  your food get lost in the refrigerator. Label it and write the date as well, in case you need to stay in check when you made it 🙂

Also, don’t let your hard work spoil in the fridge! Some foods will stay good refrigerated for a bit longer than others

Meats or chicken (cooked): 1-2 days

Whole meats, poultry, fish, soups, and stews (cooked): 3-4 days

Lentils and legumes (cooked): 5 days

Hard boiled eggs, chopped vegetables: 1 week

Soft cheese (opened): 2 weeks

Hard cheese (opened): 5-6 weeks

Really hope this helps. 

Don’t forget to watch 6 amazing reasons whyyyy you should be planning your meals and prepping them on my IGTV.

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