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What inspires you to eat well and workout? 

Some days when I’m just not in the mood, I force myself to either walk around or eat something that I know is good for my mind and body. It just helps build that discipline and resilience to spring back. Also, when you’re struggling to eat well for your body, remind yourself that you’re doing it not just for aesthetics (you’re beautiful as you are, and healthy and unhealthy comes in all shapes and sizes) so you’re eating well and moving well, to serve your body in the long term. 🙂


Eating right for our bodies can feel hard but it can be done well and right… And if you need help with it reach out. I know just the way to work with individual bodies.


While I’ve spoken about anti-nutrients on my post, I wanted to highlight. How can you minimize the impact of antinutrients in your body? Antinutrients are nothing but chemical compounds already present in some sources of natural foods available to us, which hinder the way we process and absorb nutrients in our system. 


I’ve mentioned 5 plant based sources in my post for you, which contain items like Phytic Acid, Lectin, Gluten, Oxalates, and Tannins.

  1. The best way to reduce toxic load and antinutrient damage to the system is through:
  2. Soaking and sprouting grains and legumes to reduce their phytic acid and lectin levels. 
  3. Fermenting grains also help, however, fermentation of veggies and fruits doesn’t quite have the same impact.
  4. Choosing more items that are low in gluten or some that are gluten free to avoid excess damage to gut lining and vitamin and mineral absorption. 
  5. Oxalates, which are present in leafy greens and some other veggies, can release free radicals and water can really help reduce the stress it causes the body. 
  6. Tannins simply need to be reduced 😀