Health Tip,  Lifestyle Change,  Support Guide

Let’s talk about something other than nutrition!

I am here to mention, how can you support your friends and families who might be on their “journey to health” at this time. Health and wellbeing comes in all different shapes and forms.

To some of us, it might be emotionally and physically supporting a loved one. 

To some, eating well and saying no to certain “people”, foods or even situations that don’t serve them at this stage. 

To some, it is about ignoring the distractions and truly listening to the body’s needs and requirements. 


We all have our own battle(s) to fight and in this process we can only be supportive, kind and also a bit more available to help others succeed in their health goals (no matter what they look like). 


I do have a request , “Don’t be a meanie.” You know, to feel good about yourself, don’t try and demean others and their efforts. Show your support through love, encouragement and care. Also, a compliment to those who are really putting in an effort, can be so so sooo amazing (not only for your soul but theirs as well). Form a supportive group to encourage one another:


I literally have a groups of friends who were on the plan with me doing “health partiies” to smash goals together. I mean why not? Make it fun, make it wholesome and yummy and good on the tummy? 🙂