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Your Support and Wellness Guide During Coronavirus Pandemic

I receive a lot of questions about health, nutrition, mindset, wellbeing, workouts and more!

So, when Anna, asked me this question, while we are in this Pandemic, I thought I must share. I sent out a personal response to Anna, and asked her if I could share the question with my tribe. I’m so glad she agreed. Here’s what she asked:
Priyanka, you talk about taking care of our health and wellbeing during this time but how are we supposed to do so when things are not normal? Nothing seems to be working well, I am not sure if we will have adequate food to eat, let alone eat things like superfoods or fruits like berries which are healthy. My husband lost his job, I have a pay cut and so much uncertainty, I am extremely tired. My kids come up to me and scream because they are bored and I feel I may end up falling sick even before the virus hits me. How can I cope?

Can you relate to any part? Like Anna, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. And she is so right, with soooo much going on, she CAN fall ill.

But she is an action taker. She reached out for help. She wants to know how can she cope. THAT’s A WIN!

I cannot emphasize hard enough on the fact that in THIS moment of our history, we all want this Pandemic to get over. We want our freedom to walk, go to the groceries, watch movies, party. We value simple things so much more now, don’t we? Readily available food, running water, and shelter… things that we often take for granted.

I want to thank you for playing your part in this situation.

What’s your role to play during this time?
Like Anna, you are contributing physically, intellectually, financially and emotionally, environmentally, socially, contributing to our society today. You play a role to play to maintain a balance. Your contributions might be helping someone with money, a new client, a paycheck, keeping businesses running, putting food on the table. Or helping your family LIVE WELL.

Like Anna, you might be a working mom, struggling to find balance between helping your kids and ensuring that you work smoothly without having to suffer a job loss, struggling to make ends meet with your reduced salary. You might be trying to figure it out, how to eat well so that you don’t fall sick, what can you choose. How to help your kids, while maintaining your sanity? How to stay positive?

When you stay in… when you cook… when you plan your day… when you stay in tune with your health… when you can work well… you are not only helping yourself but genuinely helping the society. Helping your organization. Helping the economy. Allowing yourself to be paid. Allowing yourself to PAY IT FORWARD to those in need. Allowing yourself to take care of your health and your family. You are saving not only your life but someone else’s too. Let’s not get entitled here as we have a privilege even in this situation.

Here are some steps you can take right now *|FNAME|* to help yourself and in return help others.

  1. Take care of yourselves, first. As they say it on flights, in case of an emergency, wear your mask first, then help others. Even if you are not a healthcare professional, you still have a big role in this new [temporary] reality of ours. And there are more ways by which you can take care of yourself.
    • Plan your time: Yes, this is a Pandemic and let’s not forget we all have a unique privilege of managing our time better so that we can not only feel less overwhelmed but also be available to ROCK OUR BEST SELVES. You can choose to wing it through the day (which most people do) or ensure you take small steps to TAKE CARE, daily, using things that you have around you. I often say, use what you’ve got and do what you know best. Any global pandemic requires solution, which emerge out of systemic plan for individuals and professionals who can help the curb this situation. This is your role to play. Plan a day that feels MOST CONSTRUCTIVE & VALUABLE TO YOU because you need it, to keep youself sane, less cynical and happier during this time. Even if sometimes that means if you only breathe that day.
    • Eat well and avoid food wastage: We have a big advantage to prepare wholesome meals that heal, soothes, lessens anxiety and allows us to feel more in control. You don’t have to go crazy shopping items that aren’t available. Choose wholesome food available for you. When you eat well, you are 10 times more likely to not feel worried. You have more power to RELAX as well, as preparation takes away the additional decision making for the day. It also allows you to experiment in your kitchen. Make meals appropriate to your portion, to avoid any wastage.
    • Move about in the space you have: Sitting in our couches, we are saving a lot of travel time. While moving out is so important for many of us, we realize now that we have more than enough time to contribute at least 10-20 minutes of movement, workout, dance or anything fun. So make use of it.
    • Set your boundaries for timings: This is the need of the hour. Planning plays such an important role here. Communicate your set rules and timings to yourself first and then allow yourself to follow it. It is easier to persuade others when you are convinced yourself. A friend of mine named Priyanka said the most wonderful thing today, while simply being there for me to chat. She said, that she stops work and shuts her laptop after 6. If anyone tries to reach her, she doesn’t take it as she has done her bit during the traditional working hours, which had never earlier been the case. She takes a break to read or cook or watch tv or learn something new.
  2. Be the light for someone else: There are days when you look for inspiration and then there are days when you inspire others. There is a lot of negativity around us today just as much as there is positivity. You choose which side of the spectrum you want to rely on. I was sharing it with a friend of mine today, saying choose the media that YOU want to consume. Receive the content that you feel good about. And share stuff that may make someone smile. Be that HOPE for someone else. You don’t know who you might be making happy or might be inspiring today. And we all need that.
  3. Offer to help or serve others: Finally, if you are in a position to help someone else, either financially or emotionally, contribute. Show your support as I know sooo many people need that today. Speak to someone you love. Just check-in on your neighbor through a text. Contribute to someone’s small business (I do that ALLL THE TIME, being a independent professional myself). Contribute to someone’s work, as appreciation, or share a token towards a cause (I love doing that) you might be helping their household or may be helping put food on someone’s table.

Your wellbeing is not a competition. You only do YOU.  And I know you are abundant with love, care and support that you’d want to offer or even receive.

Lots of love for today.


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I hope these helps.

P.S. I’ll be back next week and with some key updates. Watch out for my blog and Instagram or facebook page for some inspiration, client testimonials, recipes and nutrition updates. In case you’re jumping on a plan to understand how to eat right for you. Then, reach out.