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Can some people gain weight more easily than others? Here’s why! 

For so many years, I would eat something small and immediately get a reaction in my body:

  • Gain weight easily
  • Feel uneasy or bloated
  • and the worst was acne and inflamed skin.

It had been a mess. It was a leaky gut. Back then, this wasn’t even a concept. Half the time a leaky gut goes unrecognized by general practitioners or in typical medicine. Synthetic medications cannot help a leaky gut as well. The nutrients or the vitamins or proteins or lipids from it will not be absorbed by the body just as you will not digest or absorb from the food. 

You guessed it right. It is your digestion that plays a big role. It is your healing through wholesome foods that actually does it. And every individual suffering from a leaky gut may require individual healing time. Or might even need to get off certain kinds of ingredients for good. 

How do you know you’ve  got a leaky gut? I’ve talked about it in my post today. Read all about it and I’ve mentioned which tests you should be doing

It is important to rule out the results from these tests to truly know what’s going on in your body. If your body has been sensitive it will need attention through simple and wholesome changes to diet and lifestyle to ease the body. Often one can also reduce stress induced pain or gut reaction by simply eating nutritiously well for the body rather than inducing items that don’t serve the gut. One big example that we all know of which induces the highest amount of stress for the body, is sugar or refined carbohydrates. YESSSSS. I said it. 

Pain, unease, unsteady weight gain or weight loss isn’t normal, if it is happening to you, seek attention and get on track with eating right for your body. 

You may be having a leaky gut if you have been:

  • Gaining or losing weight rapidly with any slight high fatty or high refined carb food
  • Getting gastro-intestinal reflux very often
  • Frequent bowel uneasy (nore diarrhoea beased symptoms than constipation which is due to lack of fibre in the body)
  • Changes in hormones (especially insulin and glucagon)
  • Continuously being in fight or flight mode (high adrenaline fatigue)
  • Constant abdominal bloating
  • Skin rashes, rosacea or acne (especially adult acne)

All of these or just one or two could easily be a leaky gut based symptom.

You can do some tests to determine your body functioning and speak to a qualified health practitioner accordingly:

  • Intestinal Permeability Test
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Test
  • Adrenaline Test

If your results are inconclusive. Do reach out to a nutritionist to help you ease your health and food. I’m always happy to help in this regard as it needs customisations.

Have you ever suffered from a leaky gut? Tell me in the comments below. I’ve shared some more insight on IG as well!

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