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How to stick to a diet and not cave in.

Do you find yourself starting a diet in the morning and caving in by night?

We all cave in from time to time, it’s our way to deal with our emotions, feelings  and old patterns.

However, we aren’t THAT hardwired as well so we cannot change this attitude of starving, bingeing and then even caving in to items that don’t serve us. Simple tricks do it. 

To kick off with a BIG question, have you ever felt like you are getting into a CAVE? I mean that little dark side of yours where all you desire is to grab something that gives you instant gratification. Well, for more than 50% of the population that instant gratification comes from food. And this dark, dingy, slimy cave isn’t filled with blood sucking bats or unknown demons BUT with some ideas and thoughts around “foods.” Certain ideas of food that have been made popular and more TEMPTING, AMAZING AND YUMMY than holistic food that heals. Which makes life so much harder at times for someone like me to convince myself that yummy food and healthy food isn’t BAD FOR YOUR tongue! 

I was asked such an important question regarding “why do we start off on a diet and by the time it’s evening WE CAVE IN? I’ve shared some amazing insight on this topic on my IGTV today to ensure you watch out for that

And I spoke about the concept of Neuroplasticity. It is the way one convinces our years and years of neural habits to transform and adapt to better decisions and habits. When you have to get rid of that fear of the cave, to avoid “caving” into certain foods or items we consider as better for our body. Here are some actions that we need to consider, 


  1. Make simple goals and set simple targets: So here’s an example, if you are 200 pounds, you cannot expect to get down to 100 pounds in a day or in 1 month, not even with any goddamn surgery. So don’t try to disappoint yourself at all by setting a target that isn’t achievable at a certain timeline, yes of course, saying 10 kgs or 20 Lbs in a month is still doable…. but don’t have an ALL OR NOTHING MINDSET. Or saying that I will slowly eliminate XYZ from my diet, which is also doable at a specific time. Remember my post on SMART goals for your health?
  2. Find a solution to stay on track. Now I love accountability and I know I am the best to hold my clients accountable with the knowledge that I have regarding nutrition as well. But then there are times I too need accountability just like ALL OF US… so I find my most reliable friends or family or my followers sometimes who get the best out of me… and I LOVE THAT. Dig deep and think who or what can be your accountability partner. It is important as it gets you to stay on track better and achieve results faster.
  3. Movement! I cannot emphasize hard enough how much movement plays a role in building better neurotransmission and sustaining and building long lasting habits for your body. Dance. Walk. Run. But get some aerobic movement in. And do it with a wide smile on your face. As it changes your mindset to PERFORMANCE MODE RATHER THAN CAVING IN MODE.
  4. Maintain a food & body journal and measure your progress every day. There is huge science and data around this. What gets tracked and measured gets done effectively. Also, this can be effective to reverse-cycle certain viscous thinking patterns. So think of it this way, when you track your food, if something goes amiss, you know you can force yourself to find a solution. In case there have been moments where you might have “caved in to any situation or emotion or food” you note it down and rather than sitting and cribbing about it… you see how it might have affected your mood, your body weight and then choose to slowly eliminate those practices by finding solutions that work for you. THINK HARD. You do have the answers in you.

    These may look very simple to do but they are really the things that make changes happen in our system. 

Don’t forget to watch my IGTV on “Caving In” as there’s a lot you can resonate with 🙂 And do share it with others.

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