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6 Things To Not Eat/Drink Post Workout

I hope you had the chance to look at my recent posts I’ve put up. If not, you can find them all here. Perhaps gain a bit of inspiration as well, some amazing recipes to boot and soooo much inspiring stories of my lovely clients. Each one so inspiring and the work I’ve been able to do with them through holistic nutrition. I love it. 

I shared 5 things to consume post workouts and I am now sharing 5 things you should absolutely avoid after workout. One of them is definitely going to surprise you, especially if you’ve ever done strength training??.

Here are the 5 things which I would say are an absolute NO post your workouts:

  1. Protein shakes and powders: these are mostly extremely refined for the gut lining to digest and absorb in the body, contrary to the popular belief. They also can have an impact on your kidneys and if they are not digested well in the body, it could either be stored as cysts or stones or reflect a change in internal biochemistry.
  1. Mineralized and vitamin infused waters: which also go by the name of energy drinks or replenishers. Some of these items do have their place in helping with “medical and dietetic conditions” but it isn’t an everyday use for all bodies.
  1. Sugary or aerated drinks: these severely can shoot up the sugar levels and quickly dip them down and can also dehydrate the body. So be wise.
  1. Fried foods: which immediately sit on the body and around the internal organs and have a worse impact on body cholesterol as your body produces more cholesterol while you train (especially anaerobic workouts, i.e. strength training). Beware of your grilled chicken from certain joints, double check the quantity of oil used to ensure you’re not technically ending up with “fried chicken” instead of grilled.

    5. Candies, bars and lollies: which claim to provide energy and refuel only puts more pressure on the pancreas            and the liver to go into overdrive.

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