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Can you Manage Anxiety or Panic Attacks with Diet?

Yes! You totally can. There is tonnes of scientifically conclusive data around this area of research (being a doctoral researcher myself, I wouldn’t choose anything else), if I were to even draw out information from every second client I’ve helped with this area of concern… it would doubly prove, how a tiny bit of discipline with food habits can alter your hormones, uplift your mood and enhance those happy neurotransmitters (for which, many meds are given today, at the blink of an eye).

All you need is simple, holistic food. With certain additions and subtractions. Watch my igtv to know what specific steps you can take, what foods to eliminate and what you should add. And lots of wonderful details sent in my email to you as well. 

In case you need help implementing any of these strategies or understanding how can you go about your first steps… reach out??. Of course, let’s get to the crux of it now!

While we are still adjusting to the “new normal” there are so many people struggling to keep up with their health, whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally. I’ve been reached out by my clients, my ex-clients, my friends and family over the period of time and everyone had something similar going on with their biochemistry. 

Neuro-chemical changes. None of us are free from it. Not even moi! 

I’ve answered a question posed by one of my followers on Instagram. Can diet help with combating panic attacks and anxiety? Listen to the amazing things I’ve had to share on my IGTV.  You’ll get loads of information about hormones, its linkages with food and what food to consume and which ones you should avoid to see a change in your levels of anxiety and panic attacks. 

General Anxiety Disorder, also acronym-ed as GAD. Often comes with the following (very seemingly natural symptoms, the bold ones a bit serious):

    • fear & tension
    • excessive worry about anything
    • irritability
    • difficulty concentrating
    • issues with their personal social and work relationships
  • heart palpitations, elevated heart rate
  • muscle tension
  • chest tightness

However, these are also very common reactions for our body. And doesn’t necessarily mean we begin to take medications or get overwhelmed that something is going off with us. It is a part of human nature to be saddened, to be grieving, laughing, happy and JOYOUS!

We won’t be who we are, without having experienced those gamut of emotions. While a little bit of fear, tension and worry is great, as it keeps us in check, it helps us push forward, excess is what calls for attention: in the form of disease or ill health. 

Besides all the recommendations made on my IGTV, a method that I highly recommend  for you to consider:

is your T-E-M-P-E-R

What do I mean by that? Your anger or body temperature? NO of course not! It’s THIS:

TIMING OF YOUR FOOD: When you allow your body to starve, or do not feed it on time, your body’s hormones change, majorly shifting the insulin and glucagon levels. Have 5 good meals a day, which are split almost every 2-3 hours and wrap up eating your food before 9pm, daily. 

ELIMINATION OF CERTAIN FOODS: I’ve listed a lot of items for this on my IGTV, so make you hear me out there. You’ll love it. And definitely share it with those who may need it. 

MEASUREMENT OF YOUR INTAKE: Often when we overeat calories, our body goes under stress. Our gut bacteria fails to do the job it needs to do, and our hormones are doubly released from the system to help the body to ONLY DIGEST the food. Initially, it is important to measure the intake and understand the intake that our body needs. 

PLANNING (& implementing) AHEAD: When we’re a bit disorganized with ourselves, we lack clarity whether regarding food or our goals or life, it can be the biggest distress we may feel, leading to anxiousness, and a lot of unease, mentally and emotionally. Planning and ACTIONING things, especially the right kind of food, fuels the system for the better and prepares us for any hard wired situations as well. 

EVALUATING PROGRESS: It is important to even celebrate small wins. I am not about to say have toxic positivism in your system… but yes, every situation has a lot to teach us and we can always positively learn something new and better to enhance our lives, daily.

RESTORING: Learn to understand your own BIOFEEDBACK. Listen to your breathing, connect with your breath, it actually aids in restoring balance in the body and also preparing you better for any challenges life might throw at you. 

This strategy totally works! I’ve helped so many of my clients with just smaller changes to food and tweaks to our mindset.

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