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Can your weighing scale lie?

Have you been told that you shouldn’t jump on the scale after strength training as your weight would go up?

Or you may feel and tell yourselves, I am so bloated that is what is adding to the weight gain? 

Well, yes all of these are true. However, that doesn’t mean your scale is lying about the true weight. It is still your true weight and still is showing you what’s on with your system. 

However, I am talking about simple and gentle reminders that you need to make, to shift that internal mindshift. It helps you not get hung up on your “weight” and move on with your life, in a way that actually makes you healthy. Do check my post for the day. 

Weight gain can happen for multiple reasons and I’ve talked about it. However, it is definitely about the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves. Watch out for my stories on this too


Your weighing machine isn’t your enemy and neither is your body. However, we can make simple shifts to get back the numbers that we desire. Also, realizing that not all numbers mean something bad. Hear me out on this one.

Have you been scared to jump on the scale? Do you easily see fluctuations and get worried about your body?

Body weight fluctuations are NORMAL. 

What’s not normal is our reaction to the same. Yes… you read it right. 

Each time your scale fluctuates, it is indicating that your body may need a bit of attention. 

However, I must add a word of caution for those who don’t jump up or down on the scale easily and have a steady weight through and through on a “regular weighing scale” which only gives you your holistic weight. Doesn’t tell you how your body responds with your internal organ fat accumulation (visceral fat) or evaluates your muscle mass, which are also key indicators. ?

  • Having said that, we can still easily sustain a healthy Body Mass Index, which is a measurement of just your height and weight ratio, to a level that is considered “healthy”. ?
  • Some body types can have a normal BMI and have excessive body fat which is dangerous.
  • And some may have a high BMI with more muscle mass, which is considered metabolically healthy.
  • The idea is to weigh yourself and understand where your body is coming from and not to dash out the scales because they aren’t lying at any stage.?

Have you ever checked which category you fall into? Tell me in the comments below.

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