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Some foods can be better or healthier than others!

In my last post we established that numbers alone can’t help you lose weight, i.e. calories and nutrition have different roles to play. We need to eat the REAL DEAL. It is important to look at the bigger picture rather than thinking about calories intake and expenditure.

Now that we are considering the “BIG PICTURE” it is important to note that some bodies might be more sensitive while others aren’t as much.

Like even personally, my body is soo sensitive that at times it can also make me cringe. I get inflamed easily. I can breakout easily with certain foods…

I get hives with some items… and I can even easily put on weight when I go overboard with little high calories during the day.

Well, knowing this, I can either cry, crib or continue to complain about my body or FIND SOLUTIONS. And I choose solutions… my friend, my point is that no two ingredients will have the same impact on different bodies.

BUT nevertheless, there are certain foods and food groups, which are more beneficial for ALLL of us.

I have been doing a lot of research in past 10 years about food and nutrition and if there is one thing which hasn’t changed across any country… any health and nutrition guidelines is the emphasis on consuming carbohydrates and vegetables, every single day.

Today, there are growing statistics around the world, for a large number of people not consuming enough vegetables and whole grains (which is nothing but carbohydrates).

Now thinking about foods or items that one should be mindful about. There are these 4 things that I would recommend for you to watch out for and 4 things that actually help you boost your health:

  • 1st watch out of High Sodium levels. Anything which is canned, pickled or comes as a prepackaged meal usually is has excess amounts of sodium content in it. An average recommended daily intake is 2300mg of Sodium in a day).  Sometimes, just an appetizer in a restaurant can easily surpass that amount. High sodium content is like BAD SEX. Technically leaving you HIGH AND DRY, wanting more, while you’ve already exceeded your limit. High sodium content in the body is known to lead to excess water retention, high or low blood pressure and renal failure or kidney disease as well.
  • 2nd Saturated fat is important to look at. Now, mind you. I said SATURATED FAT which means, cooca butter, palm oil, animal based fat such as lard, butter or fatty meats, cheese and more… which have a direct impact on your heart health and forming excess fat around internal organs. On the other hand, poly and mono unsaturated fats, which gives you omega, 3, 6 and 9 such as from avos,  lean fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil, which are relatively better.
  • 3rd  Refined carbohydrates such as refined sugar and refined flour has become synonymous with sugars. However, carbohydrates are far from just being sugar. Some carbohydrates such as refined carbohydrates can spike up sugar levels in the body very quickly, which is why one needs to be mindful. 
  • 4th Alcohol (now, alcohol deserves an entire post around it). Meanwhile, I am going to leave you to just know that the fact, which probably you’re already aware of but never exercised. Less is always more (than enough).

NOW on the flip side, let’s talk about the food that actually helps you enhance your digestion. There are some foods which aid in digestion which helps metabolism and helps absorb nutrients AND excrete excess from the body.

  • 1st Ginger and garlic. Not only are these two tiny little ingredients anti-inflammatory but are anti-microbial as well. Garlic has bioactive organosulfur which eases the digestion from stomach to intestinal microbiome. Ginger is also has been used to reduce body cramps and severe joint pains. A recent study done in comparison to ibrufen proved that ginger was far more effective as natural ingredient to reduce bodypain than ibrufen. Now, that’s quite something, isn’t it?
  • 2nd item on my list for you to think of is fibre, now fibre is nothing else but carbohydrates. Since more often refined carbohydrates are referred to as carbohydrates because they have higher sugar content, carbs and sugar today have become synonymous. EVERYTHING EVENTUALLY HAS TO COME DOWN TO YOUR BODY’s glucose balance. So when I say fibre, it doesn’t refer to inulin or psyllium husk. I mean includes lot of fruits, vegetables and whole meal grains into your lifestyle. This is actually needed to balance your sugar levels, manage cholesterol and even regulate your bowels. SAY BYEEE TO CONSTIPATION.
  • 3rd Adding few nuts and seeds daily. Now, nuts and seeds are not supposed to be had as full cup sizes or bowl sizes. They need to be consumed in very small quantities as they are super loaded with nutrients and even little is great for boost of energy and changing biochemistry. You would have seen my post on my Instagram stories often how I get my daily intake of mostly selenium and zinc from nuts and seeds. These tiny power houses even provide you with magnesium, iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus and potassium.
  • 4th and final one that I have to share today is WATER. A tasteless and odourless item which so many of us miss out on having, daily. Your body will not be able to flush out toxins, or be able to send the micro-nutrients to your cells if your water intake is not regulated. So please watch out for that. Water when combined with fibre also helps you have healthy bowels. We all need that.

Hope this helps. Because good health comes from eating well. Simplify Your Food to Simplify Your Health.


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