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What are probiotics and prebiotics?

Have you been bombarded with information on consuming “fermented foods” and probiotics? Half the population cannot even digest probiotics because they cannot sustain prebiotics in their body. I explain the difference between the two in my video. And I have shared loads of information on WHO CAN HAVE PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS. They are both essential but different bodies have different levels of allowances for these items.

Probiotics are largely fermented foods used for years in our tradition and cultures. They come handy when prebiotics might be scarce. However, they need to be used sparingly. Unlike the popular belief.

Whereas prebiotics are things like oats, garlic, green veggies and fruits and root vegetables which help you balance your gut flora. When your body is nourished with essential prebiotics that’s when you start facing indigestion, that’s when your vitamins and minerals aren’t absorbed in the body. And that’s when probiotics don’t work even more. Let’s dive right in!

There is an overwhelming amount of information coming our way from multiple sources. But then, a client made me realize how much she was missing out on information from me. I sat down and reflected on the role to play in this situation. I decided to play my part and give you information to help strengthen your mind, body and soul in whichever way I can. 

SO many of my clients open up their hearts to me regarding how they are feeling and what’s going on with their mind and body. Both of which have a deep connection. Don’t you feel it in your gut?

It is no new news on how closely our gut microbiome and mind are connected.

While eating my yummy bowl full of oatmeal the other day and it struck me, I haven’t quite shared much about prebiotics and probiotics. Now, both of these are needed for human beings’ optimal digestion. 

I have shared more about what are good sources of prebiotics and probiotics in my IGTV. Please do watch it. It is loaded with good information.  

Probiotics and prebiotics both have a role to play in our gut microbiome. However, so many of us are trying to overdo this concept. 

  • Both probiotics and prebiotics are needed for different kinds of individuals (there is no one size fits all approach here). 
    • If you have a sensitive body, for example, get acne easily, get acidic easily, episodic burping, get heartburn quickly, see leafy greens in your stools, or undigested food. Then, PROBIOTIC is not your best friend, as it might be feeding the wrong bacteria in your body, instead of feeding the right one. 
    • Now, most “able bodied” persons can accept PROBIOTIC foods in their bodies. However, evidence suggests that more than 75% of our population today is struggling with gut microbiota. And that, having probiotics can severely damage some bodies. 
    • If your body struggles to digest carbohydrates (whether in the form of fibre or starch based items) your probiotic food, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop the fibre and starch, rather your body needs to be more inclusive of them. Which is where prebiotics come in… which maintain the relationship between you and your gut microbiota.
  • Most probiotics have been used by humans for many years. They are good sources of energy and nutrients when prebiotics might be scarce or would need to be preserved. But they need to be used sparingly. Probiotics can be remedial, for only “able-bodies” with no preexisting conditions. 

Now let’s talk about PREBIOTICS.

  • Prebiotics are needed by all human bodies, they are things like fruits, vegetables and certain grains like oats. 
  • Lack of prebiotics, for a considerable amount of time and we have even a little of it, our body rejects it and the other bacteria cannot digest it.
  • Lack of prebiotic foods, such as complex carbohydrates can result in frequent indigestion, bad stools and inability to digest micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals in the body, which leads to higher changes of deficiencies.

Most of the time a healthy gut microbiome needs more prebiotics than probiotics, which are needed sparingly. I really hope this helps and don’t forget to hop on over to my IGTV.  I’ve talked at length about probiotics and prebiotics in my IGTV video

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