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This can also make you store fat!

2020 definitely taught us the value of freedom. Freedom of choice – to move out, move freely, eat well. But most importantly, it taught us the value of our health and wellbeing. 

I was talking to a client of mine regarding her health. She mentioned how the whole of 2020 has affected her mentally, emotionally and physically. You know you feel so much better in your body, so much more free, when you feel healthy. You’ve to experience it to know it. I wanted her to feel this way, optimal food and nutrition helps; it is always good to check how our body’s vitals are. I asked her to get her vitals checked and the poor thing had her vitals low. Vitamin and mineral count was bad because of anxious eating,especially thiamine which is B1 and B12. No matter what she ate, her digestion was poor, her body rapidly stored excess energy/fat.

I wanted to throw light on this amazing powerhouse of a micronutrient. B1 is responsible for our effective and optimal digestion, storing energy and releasing it. I’ve talked at length about B1 (Thiamine) in my post today. Ensure you check it out


There are a couple of symptoms of B1 deficiency that one needs to be mindful about.

  • You stagger while speaking.
  • You’re often confused and misinterpret things
  • You feel dizzy often
  • You’re often more and more irritable
  • Seizures
  • Short term memory loss or inability to recall things easily
  • High heart rate, frequently
  • Massive changes in mood
  • High levels of water retention in the body, around your eyes, ankles, lower belly, fingers.

It doesn’t mean anytime this occurs you get alarmed and start popping pills, rather enhance or balance your diet. There are always ways to enhance the intake of B1 through food, naturally as even synthetically, if your body isn’t ready, it won’t absorb the vitamin. Know more about it here


One of the biggest sources of B1 include grains. However, most grains are glutinous, which for some can be an irritant. Here are some gluten free sources:

  1. – Sunflower seeds
  2. – Chickpeas. peas and beans
  3. – Peanuts 
  4. – And oats. 

Make informed choices with this information . And hope you gain better insights from my post today.





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